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Mangum-Markham-Roxboro Plan Unveiled

The two intersections and block (100 East Markham) that make up this complicated and dangerous part of our neighborhood have been the subject of discussion and concern for along time. Since the street is part of US 15-501 it is controlled by state Department of Transportation. The City will fund the improvements but they have to be apporved by the State. The primary goals of the new design were to reduce traffic speed and increase safety for pedestrians. The design includes two concrete “refuge” islands at Roxboro and Markham, a raised divider down the middle of the 100 block, and a permanent concrete island at Mangum. Lanes will be narrower and the curves redesigned to slow traffic. Crosswalks will be better marked.

It will not include any traffic signals. Reverting Mangum and Roxboro to two-way streets was not considered. City Director of  technical services Wesley Parham has been very helpful. He indicated that the plan is now complete. There are a few property rights that need to be acquired and the project will start in 2017. There will probably be one more pre-construction meeting in the next year.    

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Dan Read