Duke Park Preservation Initiative

In 1994 several Duke Park residents formed the non-profit Duke Park Preservation Initiative, a registered 501(c)3 organization. Its original purpose was to hold community property, such as gardens or open spaces, while providing the donors with a tax benefit. Today, DPPI is spearheading the restoration of the now 76 year-old Duke Park bathhouse.

For nearly 10 years, DPPI has been in talks with the City of Durham about leasing the structure so that the bathhouse can be renovated for use by the public. Durham City Manager Tom Bonfield recently stated that the City could set aside $150,000 toward this cause. DPPI Board Members are now in the process of obtaining an architectural design for the structure.

DPPI, in addition, holds several pieces of undeveloped property around the neighborhood for perpetual green space. One of the more prominent lots is where the Duke Park signage stands on the southside of Roxboro Street. To learn how you can help DPPI in its efforts, contact dppi@dukepark.org.

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